50 Competitor is Ready to Compete with Ipad

IPad success inspired many companies to concocting a similar product. This is emphasized by the ARM microprocessor company. They said that this year the market will be flooded with similar tablets to tens of species.

"The first tablet to be released in the second quarter (2010), and in the third quarter you'll see more," he said Roy Chen from ARM as detikINET quotes from Computer World, Friday (12/3/2010).

Although the tablet computer that would flood the market mostly China-made result, but companies in other countries also do not want to lose it. Still according to ARM, the number of devices that will rival the tablets iPad will be around 50 devices, including HP and Dell's output.

ARM also estimates there are 10 telecommunications operators who will join the world to enjoy the waterfalls of this business competition with product bundling


Cotton Yarn can Supply Power for Mobile

Cotton yarn can be a conductor of electric current for power supply for various electronic devices such as mobile phones. How does it work?

This new breakthrough developed at Cornell University in collaboration with a number of universities in Bologna and Cagliari in Italy.

Juan Hinestroza, assistant professor of Fiber Science and Apparel Design and his colleagues developed a technique to coat the cotton fibers with nano particles conducting electricity.

"Instead of regular cable, we use cotton conductive to conduct electrical current. So this conductive cotton became part of the clothing," Hinestroza said.

Hinestroza claim that they have developed technology that allows cotton remain flexible, lightweight and comfortable, although the current conductor.

"The technology exists but has been conducting fibers become stiff and heavy. This new technique makes the thread remained friends when woven, sewn or knitted," Hinestroza added as quoted from Cellularnews, Thursday (11/3/2010).

A student Hinestroza, Abbey Liebman, inspired by this technology. He also made an outfit that uses solar panels to supply power electronic devices such as mobile phones and MP3 players via a USB charger is placed at the waist.